Wheat Samosa

Samosa is a popular snack originally from Central Asia. This snack is usually made with all purpose flour but we are giving it a healthy touch by using wheat flour.

Stuffed with Mutton and chicken keema adds extraordinary taste to it. Its a great snack with a cup of hot tea.

Its a healthy alternative to snack lovers.

Wheat samosa consumes very less oil while frying and after its done its completely oil less.

Stuffing with healthy veggies and keemas makes it nutritious and kids will love to have a healthy and tasty snack

Step 1: Add 1 cup atta, 1 tsp oil and salt and prepare a dough like chappati dough.

Step 2: Spread like very thin chappati and heat in dosa tava ( half cooked)

Step 3: cut it into samosa leafs rectangle shape

Filling for samosa

Step 1: Boil 2 potatoes and smash it well

Step 2: chop 2 onions , and one carrot, coriander leaves

Step 3: Dry roast this in a pan, add salt , ginger garlic paste, and required masala as per your choice. Add keema if available.

Step 4: Now add smashed potato and fill well.

Once cooled, fill this in samosa shaped wheat leaf and paste the sides with wheat mixed with water. ( Paste consistency)

Rest it aside for few mins and fry 10 mins before you are ready to taste it. 😋

Recipe and Pic Courtesy : Nilofer

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