Ragi Malt 💪😋

Are your kids getting bored of drinking store-bought Horlicks, Boost or Health Mix?

Let's introduce them to our traditional healthy drink: Ragi Malt. Our Millets are back!!!

Ragi ( Finger Millet) is a super grain of South India. Its loaded with calcium, natural iron and Vitamin C. A single cup of Ragi Malt can keep your children energetic the whole day. Come let's make it!


Ragi Flour - 50g

Milk - 1/4 cup

Water - 1 cup

Jaggery/ sugar/ brown sugar - 1 tsp

Cardamom powder


Step 1: In a saucepan, mix ragi flour with water and keep it on low flame.

Step 2: Now add milk and stir continuously

Step 3: Slowly add sugar to it and cook well.

Step 4: Finally add cardamom powder to get an amazing aroma.

Step 5: Simmer for 5 mins and switch off and serve Hot.

It can also be cooled down and served for kids. It lowers blood sugar levels in diabetes patients when consumed with salt instead of sugar. Enjoy this simple and Healthy Ragi Malt now!!!

Try this recipe and we welcome your feedback :)

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