In India oranges are widely known as Santra or Mandarin Oranges. Oranges are citrus fruits and are an excellent source of Vitamin C, Fiber and Potassium.

  • Oranges rich in Vitamin C provide 64% of daily value required.

  • Orange pith has good source fiber properties.

  • Orange flesh consists of 87% of water and also contains electrolyte potassium which aids in fluid balance.

Oranges can be eaten fresh, or processed for its juice and fragrant peel.

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Health benefits

1. Lowering Cholesterol

High levels of ascorbic acid and fiber in oranges allow them to prevent oxidation of cholesterol, which usually builds up the plague in blood vessels.

2. Improves Vision Health

Vitamin C is a key for eye health and contributes to healthy blood vessels in your eyes.

3. May help in reducing the risk of Cancer

High levels of antioxidants and Vitamin C fights free radical and oxidative stress particularly for lung cancer.

4. Preventing Kidney Diseases

Improved potassium levels and lowering blood pressure minimize strain on kidneys and prevent kidney diseases.

5. Skin care

Oranges are vital to collagen production and may help reduce wrinkles and improve the skin's overall texture.

6. Treating Viral Infections

Eating citrus fruits gives a kickstart to the immune system. As it has antiviral and antibacterial properties.

7. Preventing Anemia

Fruits containing Vitamin C are good in iron absorption and help to battle iron deficiency.

Note: It is so fascinating to recall, doctors always advise to have oranges when sick right?

Do add oranges in your diet and see the benefits.

Until then signing off.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!

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