Kiwifruit or Chinese Gooseberry is a native to mainland China and Taiwan. Having super nutritional benefits includes:

  • Rich in Vitamin C and Dietary Fiber.

  • Rich in Potassium and Antioxidants.

  • Low in Calories.

Kiwi has become popular. Kiwifruit can be consumed raw or cooked or dried. It tastes sweet and a bit acidic due to its hydrating properties.

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Health benefits:

1. Boosts Immune System

Kiwifruit is rich in Vitamin C. Its antioxidant properties work by decreasing inflammation and boosts immunity.

2. Helps in Hydrating the Skin

Kiwis have over 90% water which can help hydrate the body and leave you with healthy skin.

3. Good for Pregnancy

Kiwis contain high levels of Folate i.e., folic acid. Folic acid prevents fetal growth defects. Vitamin C is important for iron absorption of iron and proves helpful for expectant mothers. The only exception would be if you have kiwi allergy.

4. Heart Health

Potassium relaxes blood vessels, Which help to manage blood pressure. Dietary Fiber in Kiwi can reduce risk factors for heart disease by lowering LDL (low-density lipoprotein) or bad cholesterol.

5. Better Sleep

The problem of sleeplessness can be addressed with the presence of Antioxidant properties in kiwis which will result in improved sleep.

Tip: Cut the KiwiFruit horizontally and scoop out using a spoon and enjoy your snack time.

I truly like the color of fruit. It is vibrant and glossy and tastes sweet when rightly ripped.

Do add kiwi in your diet whenever necessary.

Until then, signing off!

Stay Healthy! Stay Safe!

Oranges are also a rich source of Vitamin C. Do follow the below link for more info

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