Is Strawberries Good for Heart?

Almost everyone in this world loves strawberries. It is quite difficult to hate on strawberries considering the fact that they are sweet, bright red, and a little heart shaped. The sweet fruit with seeds on the outside is loved by children from all across the globe. The craze might be due to the fact that they are one of the most popular flavors of ice-cream, smoothies, and cakes. It also might because of its natural sweetness. The fruit is a member of the rose family, which might explain its bright colours.

• The fiber and potassium content in strawberries support heart health.

• A research suggests that antioxidants in strawberries could inhibit cancer growth.

• Their high potassium content may benefit people who have risk of high blood pressure.

• The substantial fiber content of strawberries may help regulate blood sugar.

• Strawberries are low in calories.

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