Instant Noodles - Bachelor's Retreat

Popular instant noodle accompanied with a packet of flavouring (known as tastemaker) is the most simplest meal to prepare for bachelors or busy women any time or day.

It makes a quick kids Lunch Box on any busy mornings and is a savior when hunger strikes suddenly.

Be it midnight snack or after school/work meal, a bowl of piping hot Maggi is enjoyed by both adults and kids.It is a quick and comfort food for working women and also when no proper ingredients are available at home, maggi noodles comes handi. Plain Maggi noodles with just the taste maker alone or with added crushed pepper or sauted veggies or beaten egg are few different variations.

Just boil two cups or water, add one portion of maggi noodles and boil for three to four mins till cooked. Add in the sachet of taste maker. Stir well until mixed and cooked. Serve hot with crushed pepper.

I like this plain maggi noodles little sticky with lot of water to eat it more like hot peppery soupysoupy noodles. If you prefer that way, you may have to add in three cups of water for one packet of noodles.

Now during this lockdown period, try this instant noodles to fulfil your meal at home to stay home and stay safe.

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