Dates Egg Pudding

Presenting the simple, nutritious and yummy Dates Egg Pudding. Quick to make and has high nutrition from the Dates, Milk and Egg.

Ingredients • 1/2 litre milk • 6 eggs • 6 full tbsp sugar • 10 Pitted Dates • 1 tsp vanilla essence

Method • In a dish, prepare the egg mixture, lightly whisk egg, milk, sugar and vanilla essence, till well blended (don’t over whisk) • Blend the Dates along with little milk into a smooth texture and add to the above egg mixture. You can also caramelize the bottom of the pan before pouring the mixture. • Cover the dish with aluminium foil before steaming (this is to avoid the water from the steam to drip on the egg pudding) and steam for 20 minutes. • Once done, let the dates pudding cool down completely before turning it over on to a serving dish. Chill the nutritious Dates egg pudding and slice it and serve it topped with caramelized sugar or syrup.

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