Creme caramel pudding

One of the easiest dessert with simple ingredients. Do you have egg, sugar and milk at home then silky smooth International dessert (Flan) will be ready in few mins.

No oven ! Its fine. Just steam it. Bring in your favourite flavours and garnish to this dessert.


Step 1: Slightly beat 3 eggs, half cup sugar and 1 cup cold milk

Step 2: Add vanilla or any essence and flavour of your choice

Step 3: In a pan little sugar and add 3 tsp water and make the caramel syrup

Step 4: Pour this in the bowl to form the bottom layer.

Step 5: Add the pudding mixture on top of it after caramel thickens

Step 6: Steam it in idly pot or oven

Step 7: Once cooked cool it and refrigerate it for half an hour.

Step 8: With a knife just slide over the edges and place a plate over the bowl and turn it quickly.

Tasty egg pudding is ready 🍮

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Recipe and Pic Courtesy : Nilofer

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