Choco Biscuit Pudding

Very easy, but sinful :)

Whip 300gms of butter with 200gms of sugar

Add say 80gms of cocoa powder, 1 tbsp of vanilla essence & finally 2 tbsp of instant coffee decotion.

In a round pan (with depth) put a cling wrap inside and spread one layer of this choc cream

In another bowl, mix warm milk and coffee decotion.

Dip Marie biscuits for 20 secs in it and layer it on top of the cream, then followed by another layer of cream, another layer of biscuits and finally on top it should be biscuits

Cover it with the wrap and refrigerate overnight

Next day remove the top layering of the wrap and on a plate turn it upside down - and remove the wrap covering it.

Cut oh like cake slices and enjoy the delicious choco biscuit pudding :)

Recipe and Pic Courtesy : Mathew

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