It’s such a healthy drink for growing kids and gives lot of benefits to their brain power, immunity etc. Another benefit of Badam milk is that it definitely doesn’t taste like plain milk cos it has its own unique flavor: light, nutty, crisp. So, if your kids hate the way milk tastes, this drink is an healthy alternative. This drink will for sure increase the level of health in your kid’s diet. So, try it out ladies….


· 2 cups milk

· 10 Almonds

· Few strands of kesar

· 2 tbsp sugar (more if u want)


· Soak the almonds in hot water for 10 mins, blanch them peel and grind into a paste along with some milk.

· Soak kesar in 1tbsp warm milk for 10-15 minutes

· Bring milk to boil

· Add soaked kesar, sugar and almonds

· Let it simmer on slow flame for a min

· Stir well.

· Serve hot or cold.

Do visit the link to know about the benefits of Badam/Almonds

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